High Quality Slab Leak Repair in Mansfield , Texas


Our Mansfield , TX Plumbers deliver high quality of leak detection fluid work and customer satisfaction as they deliver slab leak repairs.


How Do You Repair A Mansfield  Slab Leak? 

An expert is repairing slab leak in Mansfield

If we determine you have a water leak under your Mansfield  slab foundation, or a leaking drain pipe under your house, based on various factors, there are a couple of alternatives to slab leak repair. The High Quality preferred method is generally re-routing the pipe that is compromised. This usually allows for less damages to your slab and flooring, as we access the pipe in 2 areas surrounding the leak, and install new pipe in a wall or surrounding area. If this slab leak repair is not possible, we will have to access the pipe through the slab or tunnel under the slab to access it, and repair it at the compromised spot. We do our best to take care of your Mansfield  home, and create the least amount of damage possible, then refill the space with concrete.

Water Slab Leak Repair in Mansfield , TX

Water Slab Leak Repairs can typically be made through small slab penetrations or by tunneling under the perimeter.  In some cases, re-routing waterlines is a more economical solution, especially when the overall pipe system is corroded.  When applicable, re-routing waterlines can also be used to prevent damage to expensive flooring.  

Sewer or Drain Slab Leak Repair in Mansfield , TX

Similar to water leak repairs, sewer or drain slab leak repairs can be repaired by either penetrating the slab, tunneling underneath or in some instances, rerouting the lines.

After our findings, we will consult with you to plan the High Quality course of action in order to get the slab leak repaired.  There are many factors to evaluate to determine the High Quality way to repair or replace a water or sewer line, including overall plumbing layout, house layout, slope, length and depth of the lines. Our plumbing company has extensive experience in both water line slab leaks and sewer slab leaks and will walk you through the best solution to repair your Mansfield  slab leak.

Re-piping is often the method of choice when multiple leaks exist. It's also a very thorough solution to putting a permanent stop to leaks. The contractor will install an entirely new, durable piping system that utilizes expansion to ensure secure fittings and a leak-free system. Be sure to ask about the system's warranty; ideally, it should cover problems over its lifetime.

Pipe re-routing may require some demolition and is the go-to choice when pipes in walls and floors muTX be replaced, too. The methodology is ideal if only a short amount of pipe needs to be replaced, so as to limit demolition and labor costs.

How Much Does a Mansfield  Slab Leak Repair Cost?

Every situation is different, so it’s impossible to put a general price on a Mansfield  slab leak repair. Call our office 972-449-5355 , and we will give you an upfront price on testing and assessing your situation, and in most cases, once our plumber looks at your situation, performs tests, and locates the leak, they will be able to give you an up front estimate on the repair. Of course, check with your Homeowner’s insurance, as it may cover some of these costs as well.


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